• More GCC-10.2.0 problems in case of LFN=N

    From [via djgpp@delorie.com]" @21:1/5 to DJGPP List (E-mail) on Mon Nov 30 19:53:08 2020
    On WIndows Vista Business SP3 I'm getting when LFN=N (the same system I'm using to build GCC ports
    of GCC):

    bash-2.05b$ echo '#include <iostream>' | gcc -std=c++17 -x c++ -

    In file included from d:/djgpp/include/cxx/10/string:55,
                     from d:/djgpp/include/cxx/10/bits/locale_classes.h:40,
                     from d:/djgpp/include/cxx/10/bits/ios_base.h:41,
                     from d:/djgpp/include/cxx/10/ios:42,
                     from d:/djgpp/include/cxx/10/ostream:38,
                     from d:/djgpp/include/cxx/10/iostream:39,
                     from <stdin>:1: d:/djgpp/include/cxx/10/bits/basic_string.h:48:11: fatal error: string_view: No such file or directory (ENOENT)
       48 | # include <string_view>

          |           ^~~~~~~~~~~~~

    compilation terminated.

    DJGPP unzip32 unpacked string_view as string.view and as result it is not found. This problem is
    not detected by doschk and similar programs (I used my own test implementation when building
    gcc-10.2.0 for DJGPP). There are more similar problems visible in include/cxx/10 directory (I did
    not check subdirectories now)

    This could be fixed by renaming files and adding rules to corresponding header.gcc files


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