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    I tend to feel most comfortable using my DOS computers. When I first got a Windows machine in 1995, I threw it out the window after three months because it was so cluttered. I first used a DEC20 in 1978 and DOS in 1985, but I
    spent a lot of the 1990s glued to DOS machines as my folks were dying, and I
    am most comfortable with all that software as well as my tweaks. I had used emacs 1978-84 and when I got back into it ca 1990, I felt more natural than other stuff I had used in between. Analogously, a childhood friend used to change phone numbers every two years, but I only still remember the number
    he had in second grade by heart. There is something to the first thing you learned. Am I the only one who thinks like this.

    Also, I have found DOSBOX allows me to do things on arcane OS computers witht he least effort. eg I have a machine with the LINPUS version of Linux, which refuses most tweaks. I am going to soon try DOSBOX on Android, because the ports of unox quant stuff on it are rather awkward.

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