• Looking for any/old Mach information

    From Jason Stevens@21:1/5 to All on Thu Oct 17 10:59:58 2019
    First let me share what I have:

    I put these on sourceforge as they have been around long enough that I
    hope that they will continue to be online.


    https://sourceforge.net/projects/bsd42/files/4BSD%20under %20Windows/v0.4/Mach86.zip/download

    This is what I think is the first version of Mach, for the VAX. The
    kernel is buildable, and it just runs on a 4.3BSD userland, which is unaultered. There is refrence to accent scattered around, which was the
    OS used before Mach.

    Mach 2.5

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/bsd42/files/4BSD%20under %20Windows/v0.4/Mach25-MK35.vmdk.7z/download

    This is the Mt Xinu Mach386 userland with the source I was able to find
    for Mach 2.5. The kernel does compile. The userland is said to be that
    of 4.3BSD Reno, however there is enough drift that rebuilding LIBC just
    doesn't work. And all the special disk format/partition tool source is
    lost as well.

    Does anyone have any of this ancient stuff??

    I can't believe that I'm literally the last person in the world looking
    for this stuff, and or archiving it.

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