• Google reportedly peeks into Android data to gain edge over third-party

    From OSnews@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 26 21:38:31 2020
    Google for several years has collected app-usage data collected from Android phones to develop and advance its own competing apps, a new report alleges.
    The project, called Android Lockbox, "collects sensitive Android user data" for use within Google and has been in effect since at least 2013, The Information reports.

    Abuse such as this by platform vendors will continue to take place, and it will continue to get worse and more brazen, because governments and judicial systems simply aren';t designed to deal with the massive international nebulous webs of dozens of
    individual legal entities that make up a single company. They wield immense power, can spend infinite amounts of money to change any law they don';t like, and aren';t subservient to the people - i.e., the government - like they should be.

    Either governments start drastically cutting these massive corporations up - divide and conquer - or the entire western world is at risk of becoming corporate dystopias.


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