• Im back into the grind of FreeBSDs wireless stack and 802.11ac

    From OSnews@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 17 22:27:11 2020
    Yes, it';s been a while since I posted here and yes, it';s been a while since I was actively working on FreeBSD';s wireless stack. Life';s been... Well, life. I started the ath10k port in 2015. I wasn';t expecting it to take 5 years, but here we are. My
    life has changed quite a lot since 2015 and a lot of the things I was doing in 2015 just stopped being fun for a while.
    But the stars have aligned and it';s fun again, so here I am.

    It';s always good when a good hacker gets back to what they do best after life has thrown them a curve ball.


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