• Microsoft just sank to a new low by shoving Edge down our throats

    From OSnews@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 5 11:18:54 2020
    If I told you that my entire computer screen just got taken over by a new app that I'd never installed or asked for - it just magically appeared on my desktop, my taskbar, and preempted my next website launch - you'd probably tell me to run a virus
    scanner and stay away from shady websites, no?
    But the insanely intrusive app I'm talking about isn't a piece of ransomware. It's Microsoft's new Chromium Edge browser, which the company is now force-feeding users via an automatic update to Windows.

    People should run whatever the hell they damn well please, but the last few years it has become increasingly clear that Windows is deteriorating fast. Oddly enough, it';s not the operating system itself that';s deteriorating - in fact, Windows is
    probably in a better technical state than it';s ever been - but the policies and anti-user 'features'; draped around it.

    If you read OSNews, you are most likely technically inclined. People who read OSNews don';t need Windows, and shouldn';t be running it. It';s actively hostile towards its users, and you deserve better.


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