• USB-C was supposed to simplify our lives. Instead, it's a total mess.

    From OSnews@21:1/5 to All on Thu Oct 1 20:35:26 2020
    Techies hailed USB-C as the future of cables when it hit the mainstream market with Apple's single-port MacBook in 2015. It was a huge improvement over the previous generation of USB, allowing for many different types of functionality - charging,
    connecting to an external display, etc. - in one simple cord, all without having a "right side up" like its predecessor.
    Five years later, USB-C is near-ubiquitous: Almost every modern laptop and smartphone has at least one USB-C port, with the exception of the iPhone, which still uses Apple's proprietary Lightning port. For all its improvements, USB-C has become a mess of
    tangled standards - a nightmare for consumers to navigate despite the initial promise of simplicity.

    Especially the charging situation with USB-C can be a nightmare. I honestly have no clue which of my U SB-C devices can fast-charge with which charger and which cable, and I just keep plugging stuff in until it works. Add in all my fiancée';s devices,
    and it';s... Messy.


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