• Android 11 is taking away the camera picker, forcing people to only use

    From OSnews@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 19 00:14:01 2020
    Android may have started with the mantra that developers are allowed to do anything as long as they can code it, but things have changed over the years as security and privacy became higher priorities. Every major update over the last decade has
    shuttered features or added restrictions in the name of protecting users, but some sacrifices may not have been entirely necessary. Another Android 11 trade-off has emerged, this time taking away the ability for users to select third-party camera apps to
    take pictures or videos on behalf of other apps, forcing users to rely only on the built-in camera app.

    They';re small changes, but they';ve been adding up over the years to make Android less and less desirable. Sadly, there';s really no other viable option, so we';re stuck with it.


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