• Difference between PCI bridge and PCI switch

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    It helped me today..Thank you for this simple explanation.


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    I would appreciate of someone can explain the difference between
    a PCI bridge and a PCI switch.
    With good ol' PCI, a single bus can have many devices. A PCI bridge
    is a device that connects multiple buses together, which is something
    that was very seldom needed.

    PCI Express looks, for software, very similar to PCI, but is electrically
    a point-to-point connection, i.e., a PCIe bus has exactly two devices.

    To connect PCIe with PCI, you need a PCI/PCIe or PCIe/PCI bridge.

    If you have a single PCIe connector and multiple PCIe devices, you need
    a PCIe switch. A single PCIe connection still is between exactly two
    devices, so a PCIe switch consists of a (virtual) PCI bridge for the
    upstream PCIe connection, and one (virtual) PCI bridge for each
    downstream PCIe connection.


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