• Star Lite Linux laptop

    From Bobbie Sellers@21:1/5 to Tiger Taurus on Fri Sep 18 15:40:00 2020
    On 9/18/20 1:46 PM, Tiger Taurus wrote:
    Has anyone tried one of these? Any good? https://starlabs.systems/pages/lite-mk-iii

    Not I but other search on "Star Lite Mk III" reviews I got this
    and some other on the same page. <https://fossbytes.com/star-labs-star-lite-mk-ii-review-little-laptop/>

    and this

    bliss dash SF 4 ever at dslextreme dot com

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  • From Charlie Gibbs@21:1/5 to Paul on Mon Sep 28 16:35:50 2020
    On 2020-09-28, Paul <nospam@needed.invalid> wrote:

    Nobody is kind to hardware any more, which means you
    purchase more power than can reasonably be expected,
    to get a result. When I look at my own equipment here,
    I keep saying to myself "what if that ran at 5GHz instead",
    and then I shake my head and say "no, of course it's never enough".
    You can't beat them at this game. There's no such thing
    as a processor that's "fast enough for the web". It's too easy for
    them to add more looping Javascript code.

    Maybe it's time to take that piece of advice from the movie
    "War Games": "The only way to win is not to play."

    How badly do you _really_ need Facebook?

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