• A C++ library libwy-0.55 is released (for preview)

    From wyniijj@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 7 06:49:31 2018
    A C++ library genuinely for system programming by wrapping commonly
    used system calls and C library functions into forms appropriate in
    C++ context for system programming. The API is designed fool-proof,
    application normally just use it mechanically, not many rule/names
    invented to remember.

    libwy-0.55 is an early release for peer review. The most significant
    changes are class WyRet modified to wrap int (errno) and SLI changed
    to thread specific data(TSD). The result is a surprise: code size and
    speed get significantly better.

    Download and uncompress file libwy-0.55.tgz, type make, make install,
    easier to see manpage documents. Latter, you can 'make uninstall' if
    you don't like it. Or you can see the source directly.
    I had only tested on Fedora 28 (g++ 8.1.1), ubuntu(g++ 7.3). Many
    people questions why I don't use C++ standard library, this is the
    answer 'why', because I can do and gain more with less time/resource. Suggestions/opinons are welcome.

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