• Linux clone of dos editor (ide) edit.exe!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From james.sarasin@gmail.com@21:1/5 to James Hebert on Wed Jan 17 11:51:09 2018
    On Saturday, April 4, 1998 at 1:00:00 AM UTC-7, James Hebert wrote:

    Sam, I thought that creating a setuid root, no sources provided,
    writes direct to hardware editor would be the pinacle of your

    At least you writing it didn't hurt me or millions of other people by
    writing it.

    You now have a second feat competing for the slot of "stupidest thing
    Sam has ever done." I never thought there'd be any contest.

    You posted a Base64 encoded binary to this, a non-binary,
    group. And your cross-posted it to several more!

    I'm taking away your Mozilla 3.04Gold for FreeBSD and giving you
    Newswatcher for MacOS. You truly are one of the fucking morons who
    needs the little reminder "Are you sure you want to post? Millions of
    people around the world will receive this message as a result of your
    post." You are a maggot who is proud to refuse the clues heap upon
    him, and your binary post represents tremendous, measurable, financial
    loss to everyone who pays to suck their newsfeed over a metered link.

    I know that's hard to grasp, since your mom obviously pays for your
    worldlink account. You've mentioned being in school -- it's obviously
    a fantastic cs department if you need to dial up to worldnet.

    Tallying up Sam's fucking shit for brains points, we see:

    * Thinks he's smarter than hundreds of thousands of researchers
    and developers that have worked on the platform since before he

    * Wants a free OS, a free compiler, a free editor that he used to write
    the source for this peice of shit, and free help from a worldwide
    community of developers. In return he doesn't give a flying fuck if
    what he writes is useful to anyone but him, and actively blocks attempts
    to find something that can benefit the community at large in his work,
    by not releasing the sources and writing directly to hardware that he

    * Posts with the mentality of a two year old, repeating phrases in all
    caps several times per message in succession, punctuated with that
    characteristic-of-all-worthless-fucks-on-usenet, the stream of
    exc-lame-ation points.

    * Posts binaries to multiple non-binary newsgroups.

    * Posts anything *about* the editor to groups where it's clearly off-topic,
    like comp.os.linux.setup.

    I hope that in 9 years when you've gone through puberty, are out of
    school, and are looking for a job, that your potential employer does a DejaNews profile of you. It may be the only good thing to come out of
    your feeble-minded presence on usenet. I can only hope that your
    fingers aren't let anywhere near code that anyone I care about may
    ever run.



    this is very angry.

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  • From Rainer Weikusat@21:1/5 to james.sarasin@gmail.com on Wed Jan 17 22:36:06 2018
    james.sarasin@gmail.com writes:
    On Saturday, April 4, 1998 at 1:00:00 AM UTC-7, James Hebert wrote:


    this is very angry.

    Things will probably have cooled off a little in the 20 years since :-)


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