• Whackadoodle Stalker incompetent Jonas Eklundh

    From Steve Carroll@21:1/5 to All on Sat Feb 4 16:51:54 2017
    The facts about Jonas Eklundh (<https://goo.gl/qY2WjR>, <https://youtu.be/Fug54tNRrLY>):

    * Snit showed an uncommon six hour gap in the flooding
    * Snit showed Carroll posted at the end of that gap

    * Sandman lied about not being able to verify the six-hour gap
    * Sandman lied about Snit not even showing the six-hour gap
    * Sandman lied by posting my name tied to tmelmosfire
    * Sandman lied by putting "snit" in a file tracking other's posting
    * Sandman lied about his scripted "digest" trolling
    * Sandman lied about his scripted website trolling (and blamed Snit!)
    * Sandman lied about Snit saying the gap predicted Carroll's posts

    * Carroll has been showing off web / online scripting
    * Carroll lied and says the flooder had to be watching him -- not his posting times (the flooding stopped before his posting) but HIM. This means whoever is flooding even Carroll says needs to know what he is doing outside of posting. Who would other
    than Carroll himself?

    This is DAMNED strong evidence it is Steve "Steven Carroll" Petruzzellis and Jonas Eklundh doing the flooding. You and they and others who troll COLA will seek to twist things. So be it. The evidence proves they are lying about the flooding. Also proves
    they do more.

    More examples of the scripting of Jonas Eklundh
    http://www.mälarnetcity.se http://www.allabolag.se/bolagslista/eklundh-hans-erik/717ee384c1c4c850ef582dd2daec1976

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