• SMLX 2.01 is released.

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    The products of SMLX Project are electronical sheet music format (SMLX sheet music format) and the accompanying playing executable play_smlx.

    play_smlx is a precompiled executable for Linux machine, equivalent to sampler or music workstation. It plays SMLX sheet music and optionally converts to .wav file. The size of the sound data files are relatively large, and only need to install once, they are stored separately, not in this package. Sound data files can be downloaded at:
    ConcertGrand.timx: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cscall/files/MisFiles/ConcertGrand.timx/download
    MIDIGrand.timx: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cscall/files/MisFiles/MIDIGrand.timx/download
    ViolinS.timx: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cscall/files/MisFiles/ViolinS.timx/download

    play_smlx searches sound data files at the current working directory first, if not found, it searches the directory set by the environment variable TIMBRE_PCM.

    SMLX sheet music and play_smlx can significantly reduce the development time of music compositions and provide fun. Some sheet music examples are included in the package. You may type "play_smlx Canon.smlx" to play Canon, or add a voice part to test the effect (like Canon2.smlx), or down-shift 3 semitones to change to minor...

    Some times latter, you might want to use your own sound. timx.doc describes the format of the .timx sound data file. This part is harder to describes more specifically, but not difficult for programmers.

    The author of SMLX and play_smlx is not a music worker. It just happens all the little he knows are enough to provide such things. Feedbacks are welcome and needed to improve this products.

    Hope that the product of SMLX project can enrich your everyday life.

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