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    Em sábado, 5 de agosto de 1995 às 04:00:00 UTC-3, Daniel L. Gould escreveu:
    (Please bear with me, as I am not an expert in this by any stretch of the imagination)
    I agree with alot of what has been said so far. Though the package is
    not sold any more, one of the nicest things that I use is called "WHIP".
    It is a set of image processing tools that were made by GH Hanaway and Assoc. for the SGI awhile back. There are literally thousands of tools,
    many of which can take thousands of options, such as different matrices
    and filters. It is both a set of C function calls and tools that can be called from the command line. Pictures are loaded into a frame buffer
    and there is a program that lets you view the contents of the frame
    buffer so when you run a command you instantly see the results (you can
    also work with plain files without viewing tehm to do things like conversions, etc). A tool can be built up over time if there is an easy format and structure so people can add their own functions.
    I think the way to start would be to write a C library that people can
    call from their programs, then start to make UNIX shell callable
    programs. After that, a GUI can be added on top. A nice interface for
    doing more complex operations might also be something like AVS or IRIS
    data explorer where you make networks by connecting the modules together
    to perform a complex task (but you would still have the unix and c
    modules so you could write c programs or shell scripts).
    I think other people can probably answer the questions of what file
    formats, image processing tools, kernels, etc better than I can.
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