• Performance testing on system running LynxOS

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    在 2001年1月16日星期二 UTC-7下午2:28:21,Paul Nimbley {PNIMBLE1}写道:
    top can be optained from ftp://ftp.lynuxworks.com and compiled to get
    memory and cpu usage numbers. I've also had limited success in using
    gprof to obtain profile graphs from Lynx programs.

    Both can provide more detailed data then ps.

    Jane Orsulak wrote:

    I've recently been assigned a task to do some performance testing on an embedded board that is running a derivative of LynxOS. Unfortunately, I have no access to any documentation and I'm not familiar with LynxOS.

    What built-in tool(s) or LynxOS commands are available for monitoring
    CPU and memory usage of processes?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance or references to other web sites.

    Jane Orsulak

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    Hi, what's the username and pwd of this ftp service?


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