• OS-9 on STM32F401RET6

    From Allan R. Batteiger@21:1/5 to Leon Rembowski on Thu Jan 21 16:17:21 2016
    Leon Rembowski <newbeginning85086@gmail.com> wrote in news:e00f7562-b6c2- 4b62-9a59-23c85b38feb4@googlegroups.com:


    We just release OS-9 6.0 and one of the biggest changes is support for ARMv7-A series. We have BSP's for Cortex A5/A7/A8/A9 Unfortunately the
    STM part you asked about is a ARM -M series. The 512K flash and 96KB of
    sram is a bit to small for OS-9 on ARM. We do not currently support the
    Thumb or Thumb2 instruction set. At this time we are looking at the
    direction of OS-9 moving forward. This part might be a bit on the small
    side for an RTOS unless you strip out some functionality.

    Allan R. Batteiger
    President RTSI LLC
    GM Microware LP

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  • From Leon Rembowski@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 20 20:12:58 2016
    I loved OS-9 on the coco with level 2, it was easy to learn and use, but now 20 years later I wonder if it is available for the ARM STM32f401RET6 which comes with 512k flash and 64k sram., my board also has an sd card available.

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