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    From Phil@21:1/5 to All on Sat Dec 5 14:03:00 2015
    I have been using the Trs-80 Color Computer since 1984. My first one was the Trs-80 Coco 1, Coco2 and the Coco3 is still running. For some the folkes that rember Ribbs BBS, I was the person that write the first call back verify program for Ribbs BBS. The program was developed using Basic09.

    Our public bulletin board system supports a message base and a file area for the Trs-80 Color Computer for Rsdos and Os9. The bbs system is easy to connect to just use a free telnet client like Synchronet or Mterm.

    Here is the steps to connect to the bbs system:

    1. Download a free telnet client like Mterm of Synchronet.
    2. Add our bbs system.

    Name : Pcb.dynu.com
    Address : pcb.dynu.com
    Port # : 2300

    Phil Taylor
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