• MVME147 and A24/D16

    From Ralf Kiefer@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 9 23:02:07 2016

    actually I'm configuring a system running a MVME147 from 1988 with 8MB
    local DRAM and OS-9 V3.0.2. Nearly 20 years ago I run this machine but
    with no slave cards which uses A24/D16. Now I try to find the right
    address space. The manual tells me that A24/D16 is located between the
    end of local RAM (here: 8MB) and 16MB, means from $0080.0000 to
    $00ff.ffff. It's unusual because MVME147s were also equipped with 16MB
    or 32MB. In these cases there won't be any A24/D16 space.

    I read Microware's Board Support Reference Manual, the VME/OS-9
    Installation Manual, Motorolas hardware manual of the board and the
    manual which describes the VMEbus chip. No more success :-(

    Is there no other chance, i.e.
    Radstone PME68-32 $fexx.xxxx
    Eltec E6 $ffxx.xxxx
    MVME167/177 $f0xx.xxxx

    Locating external DRAM boards from $0100.0000 looks a bit strange. I
    know that there's no problem for OS-9 to deal with wholes in RAM address
    space. But it looks a bit unusual.

    Is there anybody who runs a MVME147 machine running slave cards with
    just A24/D16? I'd like to know the port address of any descriptor (at

    TIA, Ralf

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