• Is Debian still good for GUI stuff in an over 12 yrs. old PC?

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    On 01/09/2021 11.42, The Natural Philosopher wrote:
    On 01/09/2021 10:09, Marc Haber wrote:
    The Natural Philosopher <tnp@invalid.invalid> wrote:
    Nvidia support very old legacy hardware with up to date linux drivers.

    If so, this has changed in the last five years. My last nVidia
    graphics card was removed from the machine and replaced with AMD since
    the nVidia legacy driver suddenly stopped supporting it.

    This has never happened to me before or afterwards with other vendors.
    Avoid nVidia at all costs.

    I have never found an Nvidia card that didn't have a driver that worked
    with it, and their Linux support is massively better than any other manufacturer

    Buy Nvidia whenever possible for Linux.

    I had to do the same as Marc, as my NVidia card stopped being supported
    by the proprietary driver, and I changed to AMD too.

    Native Linux support for Nvidia cards is limited, there is no 3d, and
    limited hardware acceleration (with the open driver).

    With AMD, I don't need any proprietary driver to get games running.

    So, avoid Nvidia at all costs. Ask (or google) Linus Torvalds what he
    thinks of Nvidia.

    As to not happening before, yes, it did, with ATI cards long ago. A
    decade or two, before it joined with AMD and they opened things.

    Carlos E.R.

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