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    From Luc@21:1/5 to All on Thu Sep 13 13:10:37 2018
    Hi folks,

    I'm not really used to work with newsgroup, so sorry if I'm not
    following the exact rules.

    I've got what may seem a little silly question for Debian gurus, but
    I'm a rookie on Linux.

    I would like to install a Debian stretch (9.5) machine with the bare
    minimum to run for the target usage, i.e. create a download machine,
    secured from the main network, quite like a sandbox.

    I need this machine to have ssh and samba (I connect to it to retrieve
    the downloaded files). But I also need a graphical environment to
    execute Chrome or Firefox. My concern is that when I select Desktop installation, I get a lot of unneeded files/apps installed. And if I
    don't select it, I have no graphical layer and I need to install it
    all by myself.

    Any idea ?


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