• The Commodore Products Source List has a new home

    From RJLong@21:1/5 to All on Sat May 4 10:24:27 2019
    Earlier this year, I moved the Commodore Products Source List over to a
    wiki located at cbm-products.fandom.com. The old website may or may not
    stay online, but it's not going to be updated any more. Google already
    picked up the new address, but not Bing.

    By moving to a wiki, it solves a bottleneck that's existed for a very long time. Entries can now be updated by anyone, not just me. It's not required
    to have an account, but without one, your IP address will be recorded in
    the editing logs, if you're concerned about having that publicly-viewable.

    If you're new to editing on a wiki, use the search line at the top of any
    page to search for "Help:Manual of style" or just click on Edit to see how
    a page is laid out. Any mistakes are easily fixable, so don't worry about

    At present, the bulk of the information still focuses on Commodore 64/128 products but I've set it up to allow for expansion into Amiga products.
    Since this newsgroup is for all versions of GEOS, the other versions for
    Apple ][, etc., are allowed.

    Newsletters from the clubs I was involved in are not yet online. I can
    easily scan in the paper copies, but for the issues I was the editor on,
    I'd like to try re-printing them directly into PDF files. Newsletters from other clubs should be added in the future once I dig those back up.

    If you need to contact me, the best way is to do it through the wiki. I'm
    RJ Long there. But if you insist on contacting me through email, don't take
    a nap.

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