• Decoding OID-values

    From Snurre Sprett@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 30 06:18:31 2020
    I have a need to decode and print the list of OIDs
    a network card supports. But I get many unknown OIDs
    not listed in <ntddndis.h> or <windot11.h> etc.
    I assume these are mostly "Vendor Specific" OIDs.

    But I'd like to print out the group (not sure this is
    correct term) such OID belong to. But I'm not sure about
    the coding of an OID.

    For example; in <windot11.h>, there is this macro:
    #define NWF_DEFINE_OID(Seq,o,m) \
    ((0x0E000000U) | ((o) << 16) | ((m) << 8) | (Seq))

    So can one assume that the 'group' is in 16 upper bits?
    Or is it 12 bits? Where are these "groups" documented?

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