• OpenGL : a gluTessVertex problem (of sorts)

    From R.Wieser@21:1/5 to All on Sat Feb 12 19:37:20 2022
    Hello all,

    I've been using gluNewTess and related functions (to dissect a polygon into triangles), which, in a test environment, gave the expected results.

    The thing is that when I tried to use on-the-fly creation of a polygon the vertices returned by the GLU_TESS_VERTEX callback seemed to contain garbage. :-(

    After a bit of headscratching (trying this-and-that) I had to conclude that
    the gluTessVertex function *doesn't* save the provided vertex internally - meaning that I would need to keep all those vertices available (at static locations) until after the gluTessEndPolygon function returns.

    Which is ... less than ideal to me (on-the-fly creation and all that).

    Question : Is there a way (setting?) to have gluNewTess manage the vertices itself ?

    Rudy Wieser

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