• ChooseColor, CC_ENABLEHOOK - moving controls around doesn't give the de

    From R.Wieser@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 12 17:32:50 2021
    Hello all,

    I've got a standard 'ChooseColor' running, but would like to have it act as
    a /single/ color picker. So, I thought I would (on the fully opened
    dialog) just swap pretty-much all of the left and right side controls and
    just use the default opening, only showing the left half, now with that big colorfull box on it.

    Well, it ain't working. :-(

    Although I can see that the /controls/ are swapped, those seem to be just placeholders - with the actual stuff drawn smack on the dialog itself.

    Can I, on a 'ChooseColor' dialog change its appearance (move controls
    around), and if so how ?

    Rudy Wieser

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