• WiFi Networks in Windows 8.1

    From x01001x@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 16 15:17:03 2015
    When clicking on the WiFi Signal Strength status bars in the system tray, the Networks list comes up. This is a list of available WiFi networks. Unfortunately, the Windows 8.1 of the Networks list, as compared to the Windows 7 version, does not give much
    information about the networks.
    In Windows 7, details about the individual networks were given in the system tray Networks List, such as whether the network uses WEP or WPA, whether the network access is password protected or not, and other details.
    In Windows 8.1, all that it shows is the name of the network, and it only gives the options of "Show estimated data usage, Set as metered connection, and Forget this network."

    Is there a way to configure Windows 8.1 to show more details about the available WiFi networks, such as whether they use WEP or WPA (and what kind of WPA), whether they are password protected, and what the BSSID is of the wireless router?

    If not, is there a recommended third-party software that runs on Windows 8.1 that can explain these details or even more details?
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