• New CORBA Programmers Guide

    From Johnny Willemsen@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 19 03:56:55 2016
    Hi all,

    Remedy IT is please to announce that the CORBA Programmers Guide is now available for free from the Remedy IT website ( http://www.remedy.nl/opensource/corbapg.html )

    The CORBA Programmers Guide is the successor of the TAO Programmers
    Guide which was published by Remedy IT for a long time. The CORBA
    Programmers Guide includes new chapters that can be of assistance for
    R2CORBA and TAOX11 users. Several chapters from the TAO Programmers
    Guide have been revised and updated to match the current status of TAO.

    TAOX11 is a state of the art CORBA implementation supporting the IDL to
    C++11 language mapping. The CORBA Programmers Guide contains a getting
    started chapter for TAOX11 users. See the http://taox11.remedy.nl for
    more details.

    R2CORBA is a CORBA implementation supporting the IDL to Ruby Language
    Mapping. R2CORBA is available for free, see http://www.remedy.nl/products/r2corba.html for more details about
    R2CORBA and how you can install it.

    Best regards,

    Johnny Willemsen
    CTO Remedy IT

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