• what's better than cdparanoia? Or, how can I get iTunes quality with cd

    From Charles T. Smith@21:1/5 to All on Sat Nov 5 18:16:09 2016
    I used cdparanoia to rip my entire CD collection in order to make the
    music available from a home music server. I was thinking I was making
    lossless (identical copies) of the CDs. It was a big job.

    Then, I ran into a couple of old files that I'd ripped of some of the
    same CDs using iTunes - and the files from iTunes were *much better*,
    even to my poor hearing.

    Was it just the parameters and/or codec I was using?

    Default audio parameters in all cases.

    I don't have an apple or even a windows box, just linux. Also, I
    think the job is much easier when done from the command line.

    How can I get iTunes quality using open software. Naturally, the
    goal would also be to have equivalent compression efficiency to
    iTunes, as well as equivalent tonal quality.

    TIA, cts

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