• Re: Apple only fixes known security bugs when the shit hits the fan

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 13 16:41:44 2022
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    On Thu, 13 Jan 2022 09:52:51 -0600, *Hemidactylus* wrote:

    Given his obsessive typing here I doubt Arlen would have any problem giving his devices names longer than 500000 characters, hence his concern. If only he spent more time naming his favorite devices and less time spamming the group.

    Apologists can't deny facts so they attack the mere messenger of the facts?

    What I find interesting is that all you ignorant apologists don't realize
    that a computer can easily add 1 to anything (which should be obvious to all developers and QA testers - but which is not obvious to Apple employees).
    *The fact remains that it's trivial to test for buffer overflows.*

    Also, I find it interesting that the ignorant apologists don't realize it's trivial for a computer programmer to code a proper error when it happens.
    *The fact remains that it's trivial to code an error on a buffer overflow.*

    That the clearly sophomoric iOS developers did _not_ code properly is clear. That the clearly incompetent iOS QA testers didn't test properly is obvious.

    But what this thread is about is that Apple _knew_ about this bug since
    August and Apple did absolutely nothing about it.

    Apple doesn't care about the bugs until the shit hits the fan.
    Only then does Apple fix even this, a very simple yet severe coding flaw.

    Apple essentially _waited_ until the security researchers gave up.
    *Apple only bothers to fix serious flaws _after_ the shit hits the fan.*

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