• How do you download a single useful app to an older iPad model MC497LL

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jan 11 16:42:32 2022
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    How do you download a single useful app to an older iPad model MC497LL

    An older friend of mine has two old Apple iOS devices which, if they were Android, would still work just fine on an older Android (the apps are what matter and most Android apps work just fine on almost any Android version).

    Yet, Apple, in its infinitely despicable customer unfriendly greed, has essentially unilaterally killed each of her two older Apple devices.

    She called me for advice on how to load software onto her iOS 5.1.1 circa
    2010 Model MC497LL iPad because she says everything unilaterally no longer works.

    Given those facts above, and given Apple won't let her log into the iCloud, what options does she have just to use this older iPad which she owns?

    Apple doesn't own this device. She owns it.
    Apple wants to kill it. I get that. Apple is despicable. I know that.

    But all she wants to do is to use her iPad for _something_ useful.

    She owns it and Apple has no right to unilaterally kill her iPad.

    I'm advising her to do one thing and one thing only which is turn that older iPad into a single-use device, whether that's a kitchen clock or her GMail account, or her Google Voice telephone, or whatever, as that's all it's
    going to be good for.

    But how does she even download the kitchen clock app if it won't download?

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