• [ANN][POP3] Snatchmail 0.8 released !

    From Dario Niedermann@21:1/5 to All on Sun Nov 11 18:13:11 2018
    Snatchmail is a shell script that uses fetchmail to download your email,
    keeps track of the time when messages were successfully downloaded, then deletes them from the same POP3 server(s) after a configurable number of

    Snatchmail works as a wrapper for fetchmail: it needs no configuration,
    just call it wherever you used to call fetchmail (e.g.: your crontab).

    More info at: <http://www.darioniedermann.it/sw/snatchmail.html>

    Dario Niedermann. Also on the Internet at:

    gopher://darioniedermann.it/ <> https://www.darioniedermann.it/

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