• [ANN] mblaze 0.1, a Maildir-focused command line mail client

    From Leah Neukirchen@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jun 24 16:15:29 2017

    I'm happy to announce the initial release of "mblaze", a Unix command line
    mail client system in the spirit of RAND MH, but developed from scratch
    and focused on Maildir. It's been under active development for almost
    a year, and I have been toying with the idea since 2010.

    mblaze features:

    * small, portable, and efficient C code base (and a bit of sh)
    * only dependency is iconv(3)
    * UTF-8 enabled
    * first-class Maildir support
    * good MIME support for reading and composition
    * good threading support
    * plain MUA, not limiting your choice of MTA and MDA
    * flexible and composable tools, with sensible defaults
    * useful for scripting and ad-hoc usage, even if you prefer another MUA else
    * Public Domain (CC0) with tiny bits of external MIT-licensed code

    Partial support (in contrib/) exists for:

    * NNTP fetching and posting
    * Elementary GPG support (sign, encrypt, decrypt, verify)
    * vi-style TUI interface

    mblaze consists of these Unix tools that each do one job:

    maddr(1) to extract addresses from mail
    magrep(1) to find mails matching a pattern
    mcom(1) to write and send mail
    mdeliver(1) to deliver messages or import mailboxes
    mdirs(1) to find Maildir
    mexport(1) to export mailboxes
    mflag(1) to change flags (marks) of mail
    mfwd(1) to forward mail
    mgenmid(1) to generate Message-IDs
    mhdr(1) to extract mail headers
    minc(1) to incorporate new mail
    mless(1) to conveniently read mail in less(1)
    mlist(1) to list and filter mail messages
    mmime(1) to create MIME messages
    mmkdir(1) to create new Maildir
    mpick(1) to filter mail
    mrep(1) to reply to mail
    mscan(1) to generate single line summaries of mail
    msed(1) to manipulate mail headers
    mseq(1) to manipulate mail sequences
    mshow(1) to render mail and extract attachments
    msort(1) to sort mail
    mthread(1) to arrange mail into discussions

    Please note that mblaze is still quite new and while the code has been
    tested on substantial piles of real-world mail, I'm sure there still
    are kinks here and there. It probably won't eat your mail.
    Please report issues you find.

    You can find mblaze source at


    and release tarballs on


    Releases are also signed with signify(1) using http://chneukirchen.org/releases/mblaze.pub namely: RWT/F+mCqnmHzj/+dB32aXOuZ+4Afcr3r6TOVHXGkRNCBExd3kS0tCnL

    There is a mailing list available at mblaze@googlegroups.com
    (see https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mblaze), and an IRC channel
    #vuxu on irc.freenode.net.

    fbed88c4bcddb255e9f5016923de341a2e21ebcae6add1fce9fff18f7e9024fc mblaze-0.1.tar.gz 1e60fae36cfd8b4f6fe1f7b7de5052acda804a61e438ca862189429b960f7047 mblaze-0.1.tar.gz.asc 67ff86b876b652ac0c8f7edaee7148c006ecf54c0d9caaef0e3f5333904a23a7 mblaze-0.1.tar.gz.sig

    Leah Neukirchen <leah@vuxu.org> http://leah.zone

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