• attachment counter, an idea for e-mail clients

    From Daniel Bastos@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 28 21:40:08 2019
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    Sometimes we're composing an e-mail message and we suddenly think of
    adding an attachment. Finding the file on local storage takes time and interrupts us from composing. I always prefer to attach as a last
    thing, but that increases the risk to forget it.

    I've seen programs issuing warnings that an attachment /may be/ missing.
    The ones I've seen try to look for clues in the composition itself.
    This doesn't seem to work well: we don't always use the word attach in
    the message. Sometimes we do, but do not want to attach anything.

    Clients could implement a feature that commands an attachment counter.
    The counter would be set 0 as soon as new message is composed. Pressing
    C-a two times while composing the new message increments the counter
    twice. This means I'm telling my client to remind me that there are two
    files to be attached to that message. If in the end I attach only one,
    the client will tell me that one attachment is missing. (I should be
    able to ignore the warning and deliver the message anyway.)

    Similarly, I could press C-d to decrease the counter. A little number displayed on the message header should show how many attachments I have declared. I might have planned to send three files, thus pressing C-a
    three times, and after another paragraph I might have realized it would
    be just a single one, so I'd press C-d twice. The counter displayed
    somewhere would visually confirm my attachment accounting.

    I believe this would reduce my missing attachments down to almost zero.

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