• Reformat (Ctrl-J) converts national characters to "?" on Win 8

    From rlew@amu.edu.pl@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 11 10:44:17 2015
    When I transferred my Pmail 4.41 installation to a Windows 8.1 machine, a funny behaviour kicked in with Ctrl-J (quote reformat when replying). All non-ASCII Polish characters always get converted to question marks. "ó" is left unchanged (as it often is,
    begin less Polish), but not any of: ąćęłśżź.

    Here's what I have tried, to no joy:
    - upgrading to Pmail 4.7
    - fiddling with the display font (Arial, Arial CE, Arial Unicode MS)
    - fiddling with the default encoding (normally UTF-8, tried ISO-8859-2 and Win-1250)
    - removing the (legacy) files wpm-char.r, WPM-CHAR.RSC, wpm-lmtt.r, WPM-LMTT.RSC

    None of the above seems to make the slightest difference.

    I'm running a Polish distribution of Windows 8.1 Pro with English set as the interface language.
    In Pegasus, I use the plain text format in email messages with MIME and UTF-8 with 8-bit encoding.

    Any pointes will be appreciated,


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