• Pegasus Mail - New version released: 4.73

    From Euler German@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jun 11 14:59:55 2018
    Pegasus Mail is a free, standards-based electronic mail client
    suitable for use by single or multiple users on single computers or
    on local area networks. A proven product, it has served millions of
    users since it was released in 1990. It is extremely feature-rich and
    powerful, yet remains small and fast.

    More important changes: http://www.pmail.com/v47x.htm

    General information, feature set and system requirements: http://www.pmail.com/overviews/ovw_winpmail.htm

    Downloads: http://www.pmail.com/downloads_s3_t.htm

    Kind regards,
    Euler German

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