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    SWMBO works in a fairly rural area, right outside our metropolitan area.
    More farmland than buildings.

    As a family, we share lots of texts and images. When she comes home
    from work we often talk about the pictures or videos that were shared >> >> > and she often says "I didn't get any pictures/videos." She's not very tech
    savvy, so I'll ask her for her phone, open the text app and show her the
    images. She'll say "They weren't there before" and I'll just shake my head.

    This happened the other night so I asked her for her phone, looked for >> >> > the images and, sure enough, they were not there. WTF? About 2 hours
    later she says to me "The pictures just came in." Yep, there they are, right
    in the middle of the thread where they belong.

    The best I can determine is that the reception where she works is
    borderline. She'll get all texts, she get some images, she can make
    phone calls, but some images and videos are delayed. I'm guessing
    that sometimes they arrive while she's driving home, which would explain
    why I find them when I look at her phone. However, she doesn't get a text
    notification, because the text has already been read.

    It's very annoying. Of course, being the nice guy that I am I apologized
    for doubting her techiness every time I found the images after she told >> >> > me that she didn't get them. I hate it when she's right. ;-)
    What phone and what carrier? The phone may not be well suited to the
    carrier bands. Is she on wifi at work?

    It's the same phone and carrier that other members of my family have, including
    me until just a few weeks ago. I've never experienced that issue and neither
    have family members that live in varying parts of the country's.

    Ofttimes, she is outside of the main building and wifi is not available. In >> >essence, she works in a county park, although she is not a park employee. >> >I guess we could keep track of when this happens and take note of whether >> >the images arrive when she is in the building vs. out in the field.
    I've added comp.mobile.android to the list. Maybe you didn't know the
    group exists If this Pixel isn't an android phone, my apologies.

    You could also add the Eudora group, which is mostly about Eudora, but
    that's an email reader so maybe they would have an answer.

    I though of this, but now I don't think there is much relevance.
    Included anyhow: I've noticed, only with one email so far, but I haven't
    been checking, from a news website that includes advertising. I looked
    at the email and glanced at the ad, then closed the email and realized I
    wanted to click on the ad. I reopened the email and found a row of 3
    ads but not the one I wanted. I thought it was part of the email!! I
    closed and opened the email two more times and the 2nd time for sure the
    row of ads had changed, so that means it changed the 2nd time too.

    A big difference between paid adsand attachments made by the sender at
    the time of sending, although maybe not about this. Paid ads are added,
    not by my email server and not iiuc by the sender's email server??? but
    by something working with the sender. They, a link to them, are added
    long before it gets to my server, and the actual picture/ad is added, I
    guess when the email is opened. So the point is that in this case the
    embedded data, I think it's called, isn't sent to me until the email is

    What mail client are you using?

    Eudora. Yeah it's old but I'm sure it has not changed that embedded
    files come in a different way from text. This usually happens before I
    can see it, so it probably happens to you too, but before you can see

    The example I gave was unusual in that I noticed it, not that it
    happened. A very rare time I looked at an ad and also I closed the
    email and then re-opened it 3 more times, and looked at the ad each

    Yes, embedded files are not the same as attachments.

    And why did you delete the android group? I think this problem can use
    as much help as possible, so I've added the Eudora group too.

    Please don't delete any groups. This post has some of my own information
    and my own questions, which I want to be read by people in the other two groups, and they deserve any replies I or others make when they decide
    what to say.

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