• Lost my out.toc, can't find it again

    From micky@21:1/5 to All on Sun Dec 6 15:55:47 2020
    Just as I was writing a post about how good new computer was, it
    gradually almost froze. One thing after another stopped working.

    I was still able to use Eudora, and I made a couple changes to the email
    I was writing, then closed it and closed Eudora. It made no mention of compacting mailboxes. (Does it say nothing if things go quickly
    enough?) I'd already closed Firefox, but that was not enough to
    Windows work well again.

    I restarted windows and restarted Eudora, and it wanted to rebuild the
    Outbox toc.

    So one has no choice, right?

    It only asks in order to notify the user that it's being done, right?

    Sure, one might have a backup, but one would still need a rebuilt toc
    for THIS mbx, so that's separate, right?

    I let it rebuilt and it didn't use even one of the old .toc entries.
    What does that mean? Surely most of them were good.

    It used none of entries in the toc. I don't use junk and don't care
    about trash, but for in and out, when it's like that, I close Eudora,
    rename nnn.mbx and nnn.toc to something memorable, then rename
    nnn.mmm.001 to nnn.mmm, in this case, out.mbx and out.toc.

    Strangely, the date/time for mbx and mbx.001 were the same, but I
    figured it had compacted when I closed Eudora. (OTOH, the out.mbx was a
    lot smaller than the out.mbx.001. Oh, that makes total sense.)

    I started it up and there were no emails showing in Out. How can this

    I closed Eudora, deleted Out.toc and restarted. It did NOT ask if it
    should rebuild the toc. Is that normal? Maybe it's normal when there
    is no .toc at all???

    I guess it rebuilt it and the new one was 300 or 400 bytes which is not
    a lot for a 9 MB outbox!!! What does that mean? (The old toc for the
    old out.mbx is 250K/

    I deleted it again and everything repeated, except now the .toc is 104

    I have the out.002 pair (which I renamed so they won't get overlaid),
    but they are 4 days old.

    I've thought about taking the .toc from .002 and trying to use it with
    the mbx from either out or out..001. That way I'd have all the .mbx
    and a decent .toc. Is that a decent idea?

    That would still leave me wihout any of the new emails for the last 4
    days -- not many because sent emails are moved to another mbx. But also
    without the updates of the last 4 days. And there are a lot of those.
    And they must still be in what was both the mbx and mbx.001 files.

    What should I do?

    When emails in the outbox are updated, are they saved at the end of the
    file? They are, aren't they? If so, I could use the four day old .002
    and then use Editpad Light to find all the email updates for the last 4
    days, make a mailbox just of them. Move any new ones to the rebuilt
    outbox and use any modified ones to replace what is in the rebuilt

    But I'd still be interested in answers to my questions so I can
    understand Eudora more, to solve future problems.

    For example, what fouls up a .toc such that no entries can be used? Is
    it some characters at the start of the file that can be replaced? Is it
    a length counter that says how many bytes of the file matter?


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