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    Dave DeHanas wrote:
    Is a Reply-To header field required, and is "Reply-To: <>" valid?

    1. This newsgroup is about the sendmail program, not generic e-mail
    2. There are RFCs that specify the format of e-mail, e.g., RFC 2822 et.al.
    Have you checked those?
    [Note the follow-up to group.]

    In addition to that which is stated in the RFC, certain other "valid" constructs will be treated as spam.

    E.g. "Reply-To: <x@y.invalid>" - Use of the ".invalid" TLD in an optional header is a clear sign of spam. That is not in any RFC (other than implied
    in RFCs 2606 and 6761).

    A "null" mailbox such as "<>" would also be considered spam. A null mailbox
    is valid only in the SMTP MAIL FROM statement, not message headers.

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