• Older instrument / Present in MAX Scan / non-responsive in VISA

    From Brandi Wooten@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 13 13:08:28 2020

    I am trying to communicate with a Data Precision 8200. It is an older machine, but the manual says it supports simple commands in 488.2. The commands are very elementary (i.e. "V2+500000" means turn the voltage to +50.0000 which is in the 2nd range). I
    have the machine hooked up via GPIB. When I scan in MAX, the instrument is found, it switches to remote, but does not respond to an IDN? query. This is because it cannot read.

    I have tried sending it commands through NI VISA communicator and through a VISA program, but it is not responsive. There are no errors. I have tried adding zeros, taking them away, adding quotation marks, adding \r, adding \n, reconfiguring the EOS
    statement options in VISA communicator. I am running out of options.

    Someone on another forum suggested using Keysight I/O VISA, but I have not been able to download it.


    Any other ideas?

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