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    For many real-world data sets such as the temperature distribution on a surface, joint time-frequency analysis and the motion of an airplane, you need to visualize data in three dimensions. With the 3D graphs, you can visualize three-dimensional data and
    alter the way that data appears by modifying the 3D graph properties.

    LabVIEW includes the following types of 3D graphs:

    3D surface graph: Draws a surface in 3D space.
    3D parametric surface graph: Draws a parametric surface in 3D space.
    3D curve graph: Draws a line in 3D space.
    Use the 3D graphs in conjunction with the 3D Graph VIs to plot curves and surfaces. A curve contains individual points on the graph, each point having an x, y and z coordinates. The VI then connects these points with a line. A curve is ideal for
    visualizing the path of a moving object, such as the flight path of an airplane. The below Figure shows an example of a 3D curve graph.

    For more information, click the link below. http://mindmajix.com/labview/3d-graphs

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