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    LABVIEW has many more functions for ARRAYS than CLUSTERS and it is often required to change array to clusters and clusters to arrays. A cluster can be converted into an array first and converted back to a cluster after performing the required operation
    from the available array functions.

    You can convert a cluster with elements of the same type to an array and use array functions to manipulate the contents. Complete the following steps to convert a cluster to an array.

    Step 1: Place a cluster on the FRONT PANEL.

    Step 2: Place the Cluster To Array function on the BLOCK DIAGRAM.

    Step 3: Wire the cluster to the Cluster To Array function.

    Step 4: Right-click the Cluster To Array function and select Create┬╗Indicator from the shortcut menu to create an array indicator.

    Step 5: Run the VI from the front panel. The array indicator displays the values of the cluster.

    For more information, click the link below. http://mindmajix.com/labview/conversion-between-arrays-and-clusters

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