• How to create xls file

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    Thanks for your interest, it was a huge work, I did not know php neither
    how to handle hash in xharbour, but with some adaptations it worked very well, you can download the code and an example from: www.adlerinformatica.com.br/download/xhb/excelwriterxml.zip
    I am sorry if the code looks not clean, after making it work I did not
    spend more time on it.
    And, of course, all the credit goes to the author of php code.
    Fausto Di Creddo Trautwein
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    On 3/21/11 7:23 PM, F.Trautwein wrote:

    Some time ago i found this

    and changed it to work with xharbour, and it works.

    If this is what you want, let me know.



    Em 19/03/2011 14:23, Grzegorz escreveu:
    How to create xls file without Excel installed?

    Please forgive me for barging in here.

    I looked at some of that code and it looks like it would have been quite some work to port it to xHarbour. Did you do this or did you find a way
    to effectively wrap it in xHarbour calls? In either case I applaud you.

    I would be interested in seeing this work.

    Best regards,


    I get a 404 when I try to download this. Is it still around?



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    I get a 404 when I try to download this. Is it still around?

    Seems like this might be the same:
    ... I"ve not used it, or tried it.

    David A. Smith

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