• alternate to tone()

    From timepro timesheet@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 10 22:01:57 2021
    my app is in xhb+dbf+ps32+wvw

    is there an alternate (better sounding) to tone()

    :to prevent copying/multi-installations of my app...
    is there a way to capture a unique code/number/identification/whatever....of a particular server/machine where my app is installed. (which will be saved to a dbf file field), so if my app is copied to any other system, i can check if 'that' server/
    machine 'matches' with the code/number/identification in that dbf field... of the original system)

    3. in a peer-to-peer network, how to identify the machine running my app. is the server -or- the client.


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