• Serial port component, ComDrv32 vs SerialNG

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    Does anyone have experience with either of these components? Or recommend

    I have not even heard about either of those components, not ever.

    I have always thought and assumed that "everybody" developing with Delphi
    and doing serial port communication use the old good Turbo Power Async Pro package. http://sourceforge.net/projects/tpapro/

    All my serial communication is done with Asynch Pro for 10 years or more. Nothing specially fancy though, fax machines, payment terminals, serial printer tasks etc. only.

    You were talking something about critical sections and maybe threads, I
    have never had to go there. But I see Asych Pro newsgroup has rather fresh postings about them also.

    I know this is an ancient thread, but I have experienced some new problems using SerialNG with Windows 10, and I was able to use the demo TTY
    application from ComDrv32 to verify that it works on Win10. However, after modifying my Ortmaster project to use ComDrv32 instead of SerialNG, it works
    on my Win8 machine but still has problems on Win10. The problems were
    noticed by a customer who upgraded a tablet from Win8.x to Win10, and the application no longer works. Thus it cannot be the hardware of the USB port used for CDC emulation, and is likely not in the BIOS.

    On my Win10 Toshiba Satellite laptop, the application tries to test the
    serial port by sending test characters and expecting a certain response. But the application with the ComDrv32 component shows an error of BufferMax. The previous application with SerialNG gives the following error messages:

    Msg start reactivating port
    Error reopening port
    Error cannot set queue size
    Msg start reactivating port
    Error getting overlapped result (19x)
    Msg start deactivating port
    Error setting Comm Timeout
    Error writing data

    I downloaded and installed the Async Pro package, but the demo Emulator.exe simple terminalprogram only seems to recognize COM2 and my device enumerates
    as COM16 on my Win8 machine.

    Hopefully this newsgroup is still active enough to be useful. I've been away for a couple of years doing more work with PIC coding, Arduino coding, and electronics projects. I see that SED is still very active, although many of
    the discussions are political. I registered on the Embarcadero forum but
    that seems pretty inactive. The Delphi Pages forum (http://www.delphipages.com/) seems quite active, but although it shows that
    I have successfully registered, I can't post.



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