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    Seems like JSON. That should not be hard to solve.

    On Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 4:48:46 PM UTC+2, Jonas Thörnvall wrote:
    I am pretty clueless how about how ***they*** program midi those programmers, but i built a track sequenser and now i realise that the thingys stored at the tracks need to be sorted on time basis. So it seem that track is mostly an editing feature?

    Thingys are read using timebasis. Since track zero not used i was thinking downmixing the channels to it.

    Can some of the more anal geniuses show me howto todo it in an elegant way. Or are you to buissy pondering over linguistic and semantic excersizes?

    I suspect i have to do it ***yet again*** myself.
    Well evidently track isn't of any use in the downmix.
    I have started to ponder if track really necessary, but it seem like a good idea to have when building an event editor. Also this allow instrument changes on same channel and even changing outmodule even when in track.

    That the midi API have omni listening on midiports is clear, i do not know if it can have multiple outports open.

    track[m] ={
    portname : [],

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