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    Ųyvind Nilsen kirjutas reede, 8. oktoober 1999 kl 10:00:00 UTC+3:
    I'm trying to make an exe that uses win api to access and manipulate inifiles.
    Using J/direct I declare the getPrivateProfileString()
    public static native int GetPrivateProfileString(String lpAppName, String lpKeyName, String lpDefault, StringBuffer lpReturnedString, int nSize,
    String lpFileName);
    and it works ok, however this function has a feature that when called with lpKeyName = null, it sets the lpReturnedString to all keys in the section.
    My problem is that the seperator in lpReturnedString is '\0' (c binary null) and all access to the StringBuffer in Java stops at the first '\0'
    Does anyone know of a different way to declare the function or manipulate
    the StringBuffer or do I just have to use tokenizer and strings to
    accomplish this ?
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