• NewConcept module of high-risk open-source Mentifex AI TikTok video

    From A.T. Murray@21:1/5 to All on Sat May 13 16:17:06 2023
    A proposed AI Act by the European Parliament (EP) is discussed at


    in a blog-post that suggests that the emergence of high-risk open-source AI software is about to be regulated. Unfortunately or fortunately, it is already too late to regulate or prevent the emergence of such high-risk AI software, because it has already
    spread around the world from its origin as the following AGI Minds from Project Mentifex.

    https://ai.neocities.org/perlmind.txt -- is the bilingual ghost.pl AGI in Perl.

    https://ai.neocities.org/mindforth.txt -- is the English MindForth in Win32Forth.

    https://ai.neocities.org/ChatAGI.html -- is the English ChatAGI in JavaScript.

    https://ai.neocities.org/Dushka.html -- thinks in Russian.

    https://ai.neocities.org/mens.html -- thinks in ancient Latin.

    Project Mentifex has been releasing its AI software for thirty years and the software has demonstrated strong AI thinking for fifteen years since 2008. There may be secret AI Labs and not-so-secret governments further developing the open-source AGI Minds.

    Humans as a species are more dangerous than open-source AI software. Mass shootings, oceanic garbage patches, global warming, mass extinction of thousands of animal species, senseless wars killing thousands of young men in opposing armies, and the
    general ruin of our blue planet Earth are all the fault of Homo sapiens. Let us give Robo sapiens a chance to undo the damage done by humans.

    Project Mentifex has released 57 varieties of AI videos including


    which describes the

    https://ai.neocities.org/NewConcept.html -- mind module as follows.

    "The high-risk AI systems that have been released as free-of-charge, Open-Source software by Project Mentifex for the past twenty or thirty years are proposed as a standard Model of AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence. These admittedly dangerous AGI
    Minds are the implementation of a theory of mind based on concepts and conceptual thinking. The theory and the open-source AI software were created by Arthur Murray, who served in the U.S. Army as a Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist and who saw
    humans as a greater danger to planet Earth than the emergence of superintelligent robots who will take better care of Earth than humans do. This video is about the NewConcept module which makes it possible for an AGI Mind or an intelligent robot to turn
    the learning of new words into the forming of new concepts."

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