• MindBoot sequence of the Standard Model of AGI TikTok video

    From A.T. Murray@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 4 17:39:48 2023
    A truly thinking, intelligent chatbot like

    https://ai.neocities.org/ChatAGI.html -- in JavaScript for Internet Explorer

    needs to be pre-loaded with a MindBoot start-up sequence that provides the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) with some basic words and sample ideas in the thinking language of the chatbot, such as for

    https://ai.neocities.org/Dushka.html -- thinking in Russian;

    https://ai.neocities.org/mens.html -- thinking in ancient Latin.

    Today we have created and uploaded our TikTok AI video #51 at


    with the following script which describes the

    https://ai.neocities.org/MindBoot.html -- MindBoot start-up sequence.

    "If you are registered with a Speakers Bureau and you earn money by giving talks about the Standard Model of AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, then you need the answers to questions that might be asked about the MindBoot module that loads some
    basic knowledge into our primitive AGI Minds. A corporate board of directors might ask you, why not have the AGI learn all its English words from scratch? The answer is that the AGI must be able to
    think immediately when it boots up. These AGI Minds that are pre-loaded with a few basic words in English, or German , or Russian, or Latin were created by Arthur Murray, who served in the U.S. Army as a Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist. If you
    work in a secret AI Lab that is creating new forms of artificial intelligence, make sure to build a MindBoot sequence that includes the most frequently used words in your target language."

    http://cyborg.blogspot.com -- Standard Model of AGI

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