• ConJoin of the Standard Model of AGI TikTok video

    From A.T. Murray@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 28 16:00:38 2023
    Tutorial ohatbot versions of ghost.pl and robot MindForth are coded in JavaScript.

    https://ai.neocities.org/ChatAGI.html -- thinks in English.

    https://ai.neocities.org/Dushka.html -- thinks in Russian.

    https://ai.neocities.org/mens.html -- thinks in ancient Latin.

    All of these AGI Minds use a version of the

    https://ai.neocities.org/ConJoin.html -- module to think with conjunctions.

    Intelligent robots need brain software like MindForth and ghost.pl to think with universal concepts in particular human languages.

    https://ai.neocities.org/perlmind.txt -- thinks in English and Russian.

    https://ai.neocities.org/mindforth.txt -- thinks in English.

    Today Project Mentifex has created and uploaded our TikTok AI video #46 at


    with the following description of the ConJoin AGI mind-module.

    "In grammar and linguistics, there are parts of speech such as nouns and verbs and conjunctions like the word "and", which joins things together. We propose a standard model of AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, because our AGI Minds can truly
    think in English and German and Russian and Latin. These free-of-charge, public-domain AGI Minds were created by Arthur Murray, who is known on the Internet as Mentifex, or Mindmaker, and who served in the U.S. Army as a Nuclear Weapons Electronics
    Specialist. If you work in a secret AI lab that is secret;ly building a new artificial intelligence to think in your own native language, please be sure to include all the conjunctions of your native language in the AGI MindBoot sequence, so that it will
    be easier for your ConJoin mind-module to function."

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/0595259227 -- AI4U Amazon USA paperback edition

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