• [P]Open4 and stdin / stdout

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    I want to have a first script 'popen4-test.rb' calling another one 'inout-test.rb' with an input dialog.

    'inout-test.rb' ask a question "What is the recipe type?"
    and wait for the answer, here is 'inout-test.rb' : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    #!/usr/bin/env ruby
    # encoding: utf-8

    require 'rubygems'

    $stdout.puts "What is the recipe type?"
    sleep 1.0
    r_type = $stdin.gets.chomp
    $stdout.puts "Recipe type: '#{r_type}'."
    sleep 5.0
    $stdout.puts "Bye!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Notice that 'inout-test.rb' works as expected when called directly by "./inout-test.rb".

    here is 'popen4-test.rb' : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    #!/usr/bin/env ruby
    # encoding: utf-8

    require 'rubygems'
    require "open4" # or popen4

    cmd = '/home/yt/bin/tests/inout-test.rb'
    status =
    Open4::popen4(cmd) do |pid, stdin, stdout, stderr|
    out = stdout.read.strip
    if out.include? 'type'
    puts out
    r_type = gets.chomp
    stdin.puts r_type
    stdin.close if out.include? 'Bye!'
    puts "pid : #{ pid }"
    puts "stderr : #{ stderr.read.strip }"

    puts "status : #{ status.inspect }"
    puts "exitstatus : #{ status.exitstatus }" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Then, 'popen4-test.rb' is supposed to forward the question to the terminal.
    But this does not work, 'popen4-test.rb' hangs if 'inout-test.rb' has a "$stdin.gets".
    However if I comment out the lines, in 'inout-test.rb', related to this "$stdin.gets", 'popen4-test.rb' does not hang any more.

    Something wrong in my test, but what?

    The purpose of this test is to simulate a socket server asking for a
    script to be launched (here 'inout-test.rb') and forwardind the
    questions to the client...

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